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12oz hot | 16oz cold

16oz hot | 20oz cold



TURBO Boosters

Boost your day with a refreshing TURBO Booster featuring Lotus - naturally sourced energy form green coffee beans and the cascara fruit!  Made with fruit flavors, sparkling water, and Lotus. Add lotus cream to make it a cream soda! (Iced only)
Miata - 5.45 | Camry - 5.95
Watermelon Coconut            Cactus Pear & Pomegranate 
Strawberry Passionfruit        Blueberry Cherry Coconut    
Cherry Lemonade                       Tropical                                   


Signature Tea Lattes



Matcha Latte
High-grade grounded green tea mixed with choice of milk. Served hot or iced.
4.60 5.10
Chai Latte
Spiced black tea and choice of milk. Make it "Dirty" with a + shot of espresso. Served hot or Iced.
4.60 5.10
London Fog
Earl grey tea, vanilla syrup, and a choice of milk. Served hot or Iced. 
4.50 5.00
Brown Sugar Milk Tea (Iced)
Iced black tea, brown sugar, & milk.
4.84 5.60
Black Rose Milk Tea (Iced)
Iced black tea, rose syrup, & milk.
4.84 5.60
Green Tea Hibiuscus Tea



Unsweet Iced Teas

Hibiscus - 3.40 | 3.90
Green - 3.40 | 3.90
Black - 3.40 | 3.90


Sweet Teas

Iced Hibiscus Blackberry Iced Passion Fruit Green Tea
Iced Hibiscus Orange Iced Wintermelon Green Tea
Iced Passionfruit Green Tea Iced Pomegranate Orange Black Tea
*Flavors - 0.35 | 0.50

Add lychee popping boba to any iced drink for +$1 (currently not offering tapioca)


Tea Lemonades

Make it a dairy free smoothie with any milk alternative. Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut +75c - 89c Try a refreshing iced sweet tea with lemonade! Create your own flavors with a mix of our syrups!
Strawberry Banana                 5.77 | 6.20 Peach Green Tea Lemonade
Tropical                                     5.77 | 6.20 Passion Fruit Hibiscus Lemonade
Sweet Green                            5.77 | 6.20 Yuzu Black Tea Lemonade
Arnold Palmer - (Black Tea & Lemonade)

Hot Teas



Earl Gray 3.50 4.00
English Breakfast 3.50 4.00
Cinnamon Spice 3.50 4.00
Dragon Pearl Jasmine 3.50 4.00
Pomegranate Oolong 3.50 4.00
Mint Verbena 3.50 4.00


Italian Cream Sodas



Vanilla Lavender 4.50 4.90
Orange 4.50 4.90
Blackberry  4.50 4.90
Strawberry  4.50 4.90
Vanilla  4.50 4.90
Peach  4.50 4.90

Non Dairy Milks +
Oat 89c
Almond 75c
Soy 75c
Coconut 75c